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December 05 2019

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Ozone in the Laundry Industry

In regards to cleaning linens effectively, many companies that work in the laundry industry swear by using ozone. Businesses are generally using this chemical in their cleaning operations for many years, primarily due to the fact that it allows them to reduce their energy expense.

The main benefit of ozone is that it allows linens to be washed in cold water. Taking into account the sheer amount of fabrics that laundry services process daily, it is easy to see how lucrative this option can be. The  amount of money saved annually with heating and water bills is substantial . Most laundry companies also state that not only does ozone lower costs, but it also cleans better and ensures the longevity of fabrics greater than traditional soap and difficulties wash cycles.

The Benefits of Ozone

By adding ozone into the equation, the amount of detergent needed is kept at a minimum, as a result of natural chemical reaction that occurs. The oxidizing potential of this compound is what makes it attractive, as precisely what allows the ozone to quickly and thoroughly sanitize and disinfect laundry. It does this by positively working to eliminate bacteria; it is also known to oxidize more organic and inorganic compounds faster than weaker ingredients. Chlorine, for instance, is widely used in most pools and hot tubs as a disinfectant agent, but it takes a lot longer than ozone in regards to contact time with bacteria. One downside is that because it dissolves quickly, that chemical must continually be inserted to maintain sanitation levels.

The Disadvantages to Using Ozone

Make no misstep; ozone is a dangerous chemical that is harmful to humans. This is why laundry workers are required to take proper precautions as soon as processing linens in the facilities that use it. This means limiting the amount of exposure employees have to the fumes, each of those with respect to the length of time they are near the chemical and the amount of ozone being used.

Healthcare linen cleaning companies are required for legal reasons to have adequate ventilation systems in place to minimize fumes in the workplace. In addition , OSHA necessitates that large-scale laundry agencies have ozone monitors in place to constantly regulate chemical levels and to alert personnel if these grades exceed safety standards.

The cost and cleaning benefits of ozone make it clear why many laundry facilities have produced the shift to using this chemical over traditional hot water and detergent. In order to keep employees safe, however , acceptable safety measures need to be implemented.

Commercial Laundry Providers Are Focused on Infection Prevention

Condition prevention is the number one concern in hospitals today. At any given time, 5 percent of patients are forced to increase their stay or become gravely ill because of infections they contract while in the hospital. Naturally, healthcare service providers are doing their best to reduce the rate of infection, but they cannot do it alone. Fortunately, many professional medical facilities have a powerful ally in their fight against infections: their commercial laundry providers.

Textiles Can Contaminate

Considering a patient's critical care environment can consist of up to 90% soft materials, the role of a business healthcare linen launderer is a crucial one in the battle of infection prevention. Textiles are some of the primary things a patient comes in contact with while in a healthcare facility, and they are some of the most likely to spread infections and contaminants to your patient. Even if your disinfecting protocol leaves every stable soft surface in a room sterile, you must take into consideration that doctors, nurses, other patients, and visitors can carry contaminates on their clothing and transfer these phones your patients. Though you can't sterilize everyone who enters your doors, a commercial laundry provider can begin you off with clean linens and help to maintain them so that you can prevent healthcare-associated contamination.

Super-Powered Disinfectant

In addition to blasting your healthcare linens with high heat that tends to kill most microbial threats, most store-bought launderers use high powered laundry disinfectants that can kill within 0. 001 percent of the top pathogens that your hospital is concerned might spread. By using these impressive disinfectants, your commercial laundry service is able to stop more potential infections than even an in-house team could.

Infection Prevention from First to Previous

Your healthcare laundry provider is obsessed with infection prevention , and has set up their entire operation around this process. Their process starts with the initial sanitation of your medical linens, and then continues throughout the entire life period of your textiles. They sanitize at every step, sanitizing their laundry carts, conveyor belts, delivery vehicles, and your storage facilities. This obsessive sanitation ensures that your textiles are completely sterile when your staff and additionally patients finally encounter them. Your medical laundry service will also provide sanitary disposal areas for implemented linens throughout your hospital so that staff can easily remove used, dirty, ripped, or damaged textiles in addition to send them on their way to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.
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